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Billy Carson's Dotcom Marketing Group is acquired by a publicly traded company in a multi-millio

Glow Bench Systems International, Inc. CEO Featured on Wall Street Reporter. June 15, 2004 10:20 AM Eastern Daylight Time. SUNRISE, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 15, 2004--In an interview with Wall Street Reporter, President and CEO of Glow Bench Systems International, Inc. (GLWB) (Pink Sheets:GLWB), Dan Beauchamp updated the financial community on company strategy. GlowBench is a profitable, rapidly expanding marketing and advertising company with a strategy of internal growth and acquisition. The interview may be viewed at

GlowBench features patented advertising media offering a new venue to reach consumers. Cutting edge technology allows GlowBench to offer such advances as wireless transmissions, streaming video, "flat screen" viewing and audio. Finally, advertisers will be able to attract audiences with dynamic and truly interactive presentation of their product. These developments allow stationary advertising to instantaneously update and change messages at minimal cost.

New technologies allow GlowBench to coordinate with "Amber Alert," an "Early Warning System" benefiting both community and country. Several government departments have indicated interest in using GlowBench for their programs.

The acquisition of Dotcom Marketing Group, Inc. will allow GlowBench to offer a complimentary advertising media for its clients. The past twelve months have witnessed a resurrection of Internet marketing. Dotcom Marketing is a profitable Internet marketing company with an explosive growth in revenue due to an extensive affiliate network. The Company expects that the addition of new product lines will allow revenues to triple for the last two quarters of 2004. Glow Bench Systems expects that the acquisition of Dotcom Marketing will result in a substantial positive cash flow.

GlowBench is negotiating with a leader in the "Stored Value" "Debit Card" industry. The company has initiated steps to introduce their product internationally. Preliminary discussions have been held with major international banks in Europe. GlowBench believes that the international debit card market is poised for rapid expansion.

This Press Release may contain forward-looking statements, including the Company's beliefs about its business prospects and future operation results. These statements involve risks and uncertainties. In addition, the factors underlying Company forecasts are dynamic and subject to change and therefore those forecasts speak only as of the date they are given. The Company does not undertake to update them; however, it may choose from time to time to update them and if it should do so, it will disseminate the updates to the investing public.

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