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Billy Carson


In 2009, Billy Carson founded SheCanPlay National Scouting Services and became an NCAAW national scout. Colleges and universities subscribe to SheCanPlay to read Coach Carson's prospect ranking and player evaluations. Colleges have also recognized Coach Carson's SheCanPlay rankings as valid and compared to ESPN rankings. SheCanPlay has helped several hundred players find scholarships totaling over $12,000,000 in colleges nationwide. 

Mr. Carson has over 14 years coaching experience in AAU, USSSA, and NCAA sanctioned basketball. Mr. Carson is a founding member of the YMCA in Weston and is also currently a board member for the YMCA of Broward County and the President and founder of SheCanPlay which currently has over 2000 college prospects in it's exclusive college coaches only database.

NCAAW Scouting and prospect evaluations. Coaching, training and player development. Motivational speaking. Business development. Website and social media enhancement. Mobile app developer. Inventor and author. 




Coach Billy Carson Inc Inc
Zenforce Media Inc
First Class Space Agency Inc

InvestReal Inc
4biddenknowledge Inc

Global Revolutionaries Inc

Your Tour Consultant Inc

Your 1st Choice Insurance LLC
Fort Terra Nova Inc
Pantheon Elite Records LLC

Date Conscious Inc

Zelcar Industries Inc

Groups and Associations:
Broward County Chamber of Commerce. AAU, Amateur Athletic Union, USSSA, United States Specialty Sports Association, NCAA Scout(FBI background check required), West Broward YMCA Founder.  Registered with the European Space Agency & NASA. TEAM USA Basketball Coach, Helping Kids In Broward, Published Song Writer with BMI Music Group #550446392

Basketball Coaches - member
Pro or Collegiate Athletics member
European Basketball Network member
The Business of Basketball member

Webs - Blogs & Social Media









United Family Of Anomaly Hunters (UFAH) - Co Founder

Mars Anomalies And Solar System Discoveries - Founder

Exclusive Mars Images - Admin

Mars Moon Space Photo Zoom Club - Admin
Martian Genesis - Admin



TV & Radio Appearences:

The History Channel - Countdown To Apocalypse

The History Channel - Prepping For Disaster
Heritage Skincare - TV Infomercial
Tim Corey Show
Mars Anomalies - Google Live Broadcast

Mars Anomalies - Google Live Broadcast
April Sims Show - iTunes Podcast
Gyasmine George Of The Female Field Guide Show


Mobile Apps:
Coach Billy Carson - Mobile Sports App
Anjolique - Music Artist Mobile App

4biddenknowledge - Conscious Mobile App

Date Conscious - Conscious Dating Mobile App

Wave Of Action - Police Brutality Mobile App
Donny Arcade - Music Artist Mobile App

In The News:
BMI Music Group #550446392
Pantheon Elite Records Releases The Coach Billy Carson Mobile App For Android
Pantheon Elite's 1st Artist, Anjolique Releases New Hit Single "Pick Your Poison" On All Global Markets Inc Acquired By Publicly Traded EOServe Corp
Billy Carson Develops Revolutionaty 1st Of Its Kind Mobile App - Sun-Sentinel
The Kelvin Taylor App - 6MagazineOnline

For College Recruiting, Let’s Go to the Video, but Without the Tape - NY TIMES

BlogTalk Radio's 1st Mobile App In History

Dotcom Marketing Group Acquired By Publicly Traded Glowbench Systems International


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